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Nelson Homestead Collies has been proudly raising beautiful Scotch Collies since 2017 in New England, our small corner of the world in Glocester Rhode Island. What  differentiates us from other collie breeders is our puppy enrichment program and our commitment to restoring the Farm Collie of the past. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

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Nelson Homestead Collies

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Since being established in 2017, Nelson Homestead Collies has been known for an unparalleled commitment to raising Scotch Collies. We are a family of 8 living on 13 acres in the Northwest corner of Rhode Island.  This adventure began as a 4H project my two older daughters committed to. They wanted to restore the Farm Collie of the past and really focus on their traits and temperament versus  just the looks. We searched for the perfect Dam and Sire to develop the puppies we were looking for. Our Sire Fitz (Eli of mountain Wave) is a beautiful Tri factored sable, he demonstrates herding ability and is a guardian of our homestead. While Faye (of Strathyre) who was purchased in Canada and has Spanish blood lines, is a stunning tri color. She is so sweet and could be used as a service dog. She is also a guardian, but has low herding drive. We begin our breeding program with utilizing a puppy enrichment program that exposes the puppies to many environmental elements, such as different surfaces, such as water, grass, pavement, carpet, sand etc. We play several sounds to desensitize the puppies and develop them into calm, well rounded dogs. They’re exposed to sounds of thunder, fire trucks, vacuuming, livestock animal sounds, children, loud bangs etc. We expose them to different places for unique smells and sounds and people, such as a preschool and a nursing home. They’re around goats, chickens, cats and children from day 1. We feed our pups 4Health puppy food as well as a variety of fresh ingredients, such as chicken, beef, yogurt, cheese, green beans, pumpkin, etc. At a few days old we test the puppies for CEA and MDR1 and several others in the collie panel testing. At 7 weeks of age we perform the Volhard personality testing to recognize specific traits, characteristics and energy level in pups, to best match with a potential owner.We are extremely committed to a perfect Scotch Collie for our buyers, whether as a service dog, a breeding program or a pet/companion.Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Frequently utilized by many of our new owners this service has been essential to success on many occasions. We spend countless hours on our puppy enrichment program to develop confident, well rounded pups. Desensitization training is a huge component to the program. Many of our new owners live far away from our location and require a puppy to be shipped. It may be that they can’t take the time off of work or the expense of travel and a place to stay is too great. But here at Nelson Homestead we believe that shipping a puppy can unravel the work we committed to. Puppies are 8-9 weeks when they are venturing to their new homes. It’s a lot of transitioning. They’re leaving their parents, their litter mates and the family and surroundings they’ve known since birth. Traveling alone on an airplane in the very loud cargo area can be absolutely frightening. We have transportation specialists on hand ready to fly with your pup and deliver them right to your arms. We would book the round trip flight, make arrangements for the pet fee and contact the airlines and you simply reimburse the cost. We search for inexpensive flights that are non stop to decrease the stress on your puppy. If you find a better deal we will honor that as well. Let us know if this can benefit you!We have recently partnered with a company called Let Pop do it! They can transport your pup by car for a reasonable price. I’ve personally used this company and was very satisfied. You can check out their website

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Please fill out a puppy application and we can determine if our puppies will be a good match for you and your family.

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